There are many places to visit while using Onecote Grange as your base, around 400 achers of farm land belonging to Onecote Grange has many miles of farm footpaths to explorer including the Hamps Valley right from its outset, below is a selection of other interesting locations we have collected together to help you make the most of your time with us

Alton Towers - 7 miles
    The UK's Largest Theme Park & Family Fun Resort

Blackbrook Zoological Park - 2 miles

Butterton - 2 miles

Roaches - 7 miles

Hen Cloud & Ramshaw Rocks - 5 miles
    Climbing at Ramshaw:


Buxton -14 miles
    Market Day - Saturday & Tuesday

Ashbourne - 12 miles
    Markey Day - Thursday & Saturday

Hartington - 7miles

Bakewell - 17miles
    Market Day - Monday

Castleton, Hope Valley - 24miles
    An outstanding place to visit with many caverns famous for their rare Blue John, there are plenty of walks with Mam Tor being only 2 miles to the North West, a new visitors centre is right on the main car park just off the main shopping street where many jems mined in the area can be purchased

Leek - 6 miles
    Market Day - Wednesday

Wetton - 5 miles

Manifold Valley - 5 miles

Dovedale - 5 miles

Mermaid Inn and Pool - 5 miles   
    A local Inn with a very mysterious ledgend, amazing views over the Roaches, Hen Cloud, Ramshaw, Biddulph Moor
    The Mermaid Pool with Hen Cound in back ground:

Ilam - 8 miles

Millers Dale - 5 miles

Churnet Valley Railway - 7 miles
    An excellent steam train journey through the Churnet Valley from Cheddleton all the way to Froghall
    Froghall Station:

3 Shires Head - 8 Miles